Hi there! Are you an international student that is studying in Nijmegen and looking for some christian connections? Unfortunately, we do not have a fully international christian student association such as our member associations. Nonetheless, there are some organisations who are organizing activities especially for you! We will anounce them on this webpage, and you will find contact details or a website for more information. Hopefully this will help you in finding a group where you can feel at home!

Organizations that are not yet listed on this page, but are organizing activities for international christian students may send an email to bestuur@csnijmegen, we are happy to add you to the overview!

iCSN: International Christian Students Nijmegen

iCSN (International Christian Students Nijmegen) is part of ICFN (International Christian Fellowship Nijmegen) and, as the name suggests, is oriented towards Christian Students in Nijmegen. For iCSN, it is important to provide a home to international Christian students, residing in Nijmegen. For this reason, we are organizing different activities every week, including Bible Study Evenings, Praise & Prayer evenings and movienights. We usually have supper together before the meetings, and there’s plenty of room for drinks afterwards. These evenings include a (free) shared meal, and take place at different locations, mostly at student’s or team member’s homes.

Once a month there is also a Sunday Fellowship. Another activity that is suitable for international students to part take in when there is a need, is an Alpha course. During these meetings, the most important subjects that can be found in the Christian faith and life will be discussed. This course is very accessible, pleasant and relaxed for those who like to know more about the Christian faith.

Our Facebook page ( or instagram (@ics_nijmegen).
For any questions or if interested to join our team, please send a message to

International Bible Study group

We are a group of international students who meet every other week to eat together, catch up, read the Bible and pray together. We want to love Jesus, each other and the world around us well. Contact Mikka (Navigators Internationals Student worker) for more details –

Student Chaplaincy

The Student Chaplaincy offers a large array of activities where we focus on deepening faith, but also organises plenty of non-religious activities. After all, the University Chaplaincy is more than just a place of worship for students. It also serves as a place to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds, to delve into life’s questions or to come by for a personal conversation. The chaplains are regularly available and easy to reach through their e-mail addresses. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your faith is and if you even have one at all; student or employee, RU or HAN, you are more than welcome.

On their website you can find all the information surrounding our activities, services, courses and much more:


Welcome to Perplex – A student cafe in the city center of Nijmegen! At Perplex we love students, good food, ‘gezelligheid’ (fun) and God. Everyone is welcome and everything is non-committal. Are you looking for new people to meet, a place to study or are you looking for conversations about meaning of life? Perplex is the place for you! You can come here to relax, enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea, join us for dinner every Thursday night and good conversations. We look forward to meeting you. Hope to see you soon!

Once every 2 weeks we organise an international dinner on Tuesday nights at 18.00 together with international students from Cornerstone. Dutch students are welcome to join. Check our website and social media @perplexnijmegen for the data.



StudentLife is a movement of students who are passionate about Jesus and want to share about
him. On the campus. With their fellow students.

We do this by approaching students in the cafeteria with asking them questions about the big questions of life: What is my purpose? How can we deal with all the problems in this world? Is there a God? Students are really searching for answers! And if they like, we meet up again and start studying the Bible at some point. This is really amazing to see and be part of. We cover everything in prayer, encourage and challenge each other to take the calling of Jesus seriously. Until every student had the opportunity to meet Jesus personally!

We meet every Thursday noon in the Refter of Radboud.
You’re welcome to try it out and contact us:
Melody (local studentleader): +49 176 99279305
Heiko (coordinator and coach):